Sunday, 1 December 2013

Porridge the two faced parrot.

Porridge the two faced parrot is an excellent read for all children. The comical story of a young boy and a rather naughty parrot is the perfect short read. Though there is some bad language (farty bum) this book is endearing, funny and enjoyable. It takes you on voyage from confusion, disaster and just to plain silliness.

Summary of the book.

Alfie is just an ordinary school with lots of friends and a perfect family. That is until the arrival of porridge the parrot. How can a parrot cause ....... A black eye, his mum telling him off for lying, a teacher that has it in for him and worst of all having to break dance in the talent show when he can't even dance. But will he conquer his fears and perform, will his eye still be like a plum. But more to the point, what havoc will porridge wreak this time?


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