Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Geek Girl, all that glitters. By Holly Smale. A review

Geek girl all that glitters

Tell me a bit about geek girl, who is she and why is she geeky

Her name is Harriet Manners, I think she has aspergers but the book doesn't say that. She has difficulties making friends, she likes facts and can maintain the knowledge in her head really easily. In the first book she was picked as a model while on a school trip. I have read the first book, but not all of them. I don't think you have to read all of the books but it might help. I had to catch up with the plot quite quickly.

"I was so right: this was exactly what I needed. A fresh start. A new beginning. The closure of an old page, and the opening of a new one. The unfolding of a different story. 
Except it isn't."

How does this book start?

Harriet has split with her boyfriend, she is back in the uk, he's in Australia, she doesn't want to talk about it. She's keen to start college as she thinks it will be different to school and full of people that want to learn. She is disappointed as it turns out to be just like high school.

The story is funny, happy and sad. I cried at one bit because I really related to what happened to her (I can't tell you or I'll give away plot spoilers) 

What did you like about the book...

I like the style of writing, it's written in the first person and I like that. I like knowing the facts, like the Chinese invented toilet paper in 600ad and a comets tail always points away from the sun. Harriet tells you facts at the beginning of each chapter, and Harriet uses the facts to relax, maybe it's because I'm a nerd but I find this quite relaxing too.

The ending was a surprise, there is sort of twist in the story. I liked the ending though, it worked well.

DD was answering questions about Geek Girl set by Tattooed Mummy

Thanks to www.toppsta.com for the free copy to review.

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