Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bargains Galore

So my grandparents have come down for the halfterm and we went out shopping in charity shops on Tuesday. There we discovered so many bargains it was unreal.

The first thing I spotted on the shelf was a lovely white handbag, as I needed a new school bag I started begging my mum to let me buy it. After about ten minutes of prancing about commenting on all its best features and saying how it hung just right over my shoulder she agreed to let me buy it,  for just £4.99, rather reluctantly I must say. When we got home my mum looked up the brand of bag it was then discovered much to our shock that it was worth roughly between $100-$160.

 The next shop had equally exciting exhibits one of which I bought, a pair of gorgeous brown boots with wool along the top. They had barely been worn, there were no scuffs on the toe, the sole of the shoe had no dirt on it and only  a tiny bit of wear, for only £4.00. They fitted perfectly on the in-proportionate size 6 feet and as I tried them on I was sold.

The last charity shop we went in I found the funniest game ever CHARADES we had been playing this the evening before but had run out of ideas so having the official game was wonderful of course we bought it and once we were home we started playing.

It had all the rules and signs you had to use for instance women.

That made us laugh just by itself but as the game continued the cards were producing very random charades one of which caused much hilarity. My grandma got a charade and one of the words was aspects. So she did the two different syllables as and pects. To act as she started walking up and down slapping her bum and putting her hands on her head looking like ears/horns. We now know she was acting ass but at the time we could only think of bum, butt, horn, slap and many others but not ass. By now we were crying laughing so she went on to acting pects she started walking around flapping her arms like a chicken after a while of her doing this she started pecking at the air except we all thought she was plucking or pinching. About fifteen minutes later we guessed aspects and the relief on her face was clear.
Entertainment for hours just for £1.50.   



  1. please tell me if i have made a mistake in spelling or punctuation

  2. Charity shops are totally my most favourite thing in the entire world - Especially ones that sell LEGO