Thursday, 11 July 2013


 The best part of Glastonbury in my opinion was when we saw Rita Ora, Dizzee Rascal and the circus pavement. I liked Rita Ora because she was very good singing live which not all singers are ( you know who I'm talking about). She was a very good crowd entertainer which made all the difference because I hate it when they get up on stage sing then leave with no interaction with the audience. Next was Dizzee Rascal he was amaze balls it was especially funny because he had his swear on and made the crowd sing "lets go fucking bonkers ahaaaaaa"  x? Number of times. It was brilliant when he jumped into the crowd and the security guards were chasing looking very serious. While he was having a whale of a time.

 And lastly there was the circus pavement which was a small stage where different acts came on and performed mostly circus acts but there were also mimes and magicians. One of my favourite acts on the circus pavement was Billy Kidd who was very funny and rude. 

 I also liked the climbing wall in the green kids field. I spent the majority of the time on it, coming away with a different bruise on me from where I had whacked myself on it everyday.

 Another thing I liked was I <3 ostrich which did the best ostrich burger I have ever tasted (we shall not mention that this was the first time I had ever eaten ostrich) out of all the ostrich burgers I have had. 

On the other hand the toilets were an obstacle of their own, my thighs are toned to perfections (bit of an exaggeration) from using them. The best bit of using the long drop toilets was playing toilet roulette. Yes that is what we played in the morning toilet roulette I shall say no more. Overall Glastonbury was the best experience of my life (so far) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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